With more than 15 years of experience, Berchique became one of the most specialised and most passionate wholesaler and sourcing/buying agent in home accessories and ethnic arts and crafts decoration.

Berchique, based in Belgium, India and Morocco, is an exclusive wholesale concept that offers reliable transactions and the best services and prices on the market.

Berchique sells exclusively business to business.

If you are a distributor or a retailer, we would like to welcome you as a customer. If you are an importer, wholesaler, decorator or designer, we would like to work with/for you as sourcing or buying agents.

Because our products are handmade you may find slight variations in dimension and shape. These unique characteristics of our products are proof of traditional craftsmanship.

Berchique collaborates with several talented and passionate artists, photographers and designers worldwide to help us capture the unique characteristics of our products and represent the ethical standards we value.